Happier U, A Campaign to Help College Students

College Students standing in a group smiling

This ‘Mental Health Monday’ segment will focus on college students and resources to handle stress. Rachel Jones from the Department of Mental Health joined “Show Me Today” to talk about Happier U, a campaign to help college students and those working on campuses to manage their mental health wellness.

Visit the Happier U YouTube Playlist.

Missouri’s Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)

Lady with hand on her face looking upset

On our newest ‘Mental Health Monday’ segment, Beckie Gierer, Director of the Office of Disaster Services at the Department of Mental Health, explains to us what Show Me Hope is all about.  Missouri’s Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) has counselors in communities throughout the state available to teach coping and stress management skills to anyone dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty caused by the event.